Yoga Retreat

Trinity Yoga Retreat 2023



🎁 RM 500 Free Gifts for participants & Stand a chance to win LUCKY DRAW worth RM 1500

28th & 29th of January 2023 (2 days 1 night)

Dreamy Island, Sepanggar Island

RM 1,099.00 PER PERSON
(Inclusive of stay & 5 vegetarian meals prepared by Private Chef Winner)



Teacher Yang has been practising yoga for the past 10 years and furthered his experience and knowledge in India by practising yoga and meditation with Shwaasa Guru Sri Vachananand Swamiji.

After being certified as an experienced yoga teacher (E-RYT) with more than 2000 teaching hours over a span of 4 years of teaching experience and also certified as Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP). Teacher Yang is an expert of teaching Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin Yoga, Poses Alignment and Meditation.

Teacher Yang aims to promote health and wellness to our community through yoga, as yoga has been well-known at this age and time but there is still a mass group of people that have not been introduced with yoga practises. the benefits of pratising yoga has helped him a lot throughout the years, not only physically but mentality

In today’s world, more and more people are battling with mental struggles and might not know how to solve these issues, therefore, his vision is to help more people, at the same time explore his passion in Yoga.


The founder of *Summer Oceane*(est. 2006), a Holistic Energy Healing space where everyone can come to experience and rejuvenate their Mind , Body & Soul through the integration of various Holistic Energy Healing Therapy (Such as Gong and Singing Bowl Sound Therapy, Crystal Healing Energy Therapy, Aromatherapy and many more).

She also the Founder of *Harmony Within* Workspace, here will regularly organise various personal Inner Self Development Courses, professional Therapist Courses and Workshops.

Certified Professional Aromatherapy
Certified Practitioner of Singing Bowl Sound Therapy Teacher Training from ‘Mother Earth Sound Therapy Centre’
Certified Reiki Healing Therapy from Usui Shiki Ryoho Advance Reiki Training School
Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) from Hum Learning
Certified Practitioner of Singing Bowl Sound Therapy from lnnerzen International institute Of Singing Bowl & sound Healing Therapy School
Certified 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training


A nutritious meal keeps us healthy & strong.

Chef Winner home-plant for kale is fresh, delicious, juicy & Nutritious.

In addition to strengthen the body’s immune system, kale juice can also do wonders to your outer body and your bones. The antioxidants found in kale juice help slow down the aging process because they help prevent free radical cells damage to skin.

Vitamin A also helps promote healthy and glowing skin, hair, and nails.


Chef Winner’s Buddha bowl consist of fresh pluck organic lettuce, cauliflower fried rice, fresh tofu. tempeh & avocado.

It is rich in antioxidants which are good for your eye health. It is also a great source of vitamin E that means it is beneficial for the skin and hair.

A buddha bowl is highly hydrating and provides your body with the fluids it requires.
It lowers your cholesterol levels.

Day 1

Time Activity
08:30 Arrival at Tanjung Aru Marine Port
10:00 Welcome Ceremony, Registration & Check-in
12:00 Lunch & Ice Breaking Session
14:00 Pranayama (Breathing Practice) – By Teacher Yang
14:30 Yin Yoga – By Teacher Yang
16:30 Savasana with Sound Therapy – Master Shirley Teoh
17:00 Evening Meditation – By Teacher Yang
17:30 Free & easy
19:00 Dinner – Prepared by Chef Winner & Team
20:30 Camp Fire
21:30 Good Night


Day 2

Time Activity
05:30 Nasal Cleaning – By Teacher Yang
06:00 Sunrise Yoga – By Teacher Yang
08:00 Breakfast – Prepared by Chef Winner & Team
10:00 Understand Your Chakra & Sound Bath – By Master Shirley Teoh
12:00 Check Out
12:30 Lunch – Prepared by Chef Winner & Team
13:30 Yoga Nidra (Sleeping Yoga) – By Teacher Yang
14:30 Slow Yoga – By Special Guest Teacher Vivian
15:30 Guided Meditation with Singing Bowl – By Master Shirley Teoh
16:00 Tea Break – Prepared by Chef Winner & Team
16:30 Certificate & Group Photo Session
17:30 Depart from Island


Teacher Yang aims to share his experience & practice in the most relaxing ways.


In the yogic discipline, the morning is considered as a “divine time” and when an individual’s spiritual energy is at its peak.

Clarity, creativity, and peace of mind and body are benefits of a sunrise yoga practice because of fewer distractions prior to starting your day.

To achieve optimum personal results, it is recommended to practice yoga in the morning. Sunrise yoga brings your body more energy and nourishes you with a positive attitude to fully prepare for the challenges of the day ahead.



Yin yoga works on the yin tissues – also known as the connective tissues. Connective tissue responds best to a slow, steady load, which is why we hold the poses for longer. If you gently stretch connective tissue by holding a yin pose for a long time in this way, the body will respond by making it a little longer and stronger – which is exactly what you want.

Different Yin yoga poses stimulate and remove blockages in the myofascial meridians in the body, which in turn balances the body’s internal organs and systems. Yin yoga requires the muscles to relax around the connective tissue in order to get a stretch, so not every yoga pose can be done safely or effectively when practising Yin style yoga.


“Inner peace, or peace of mind, refers to a state of being mentally and spiritually at peace, with enough knowledge and understanding to keep oneself strong in the face of discord or stress.

Being ‘at peace’ is considered by many to be healthy and the opposite of being stressed or anxious.”



After the pandemic, many of us are back to our busy schedule dealing with our daily life. Therefore, it is hard for us to take time out just for ourselves.

So, take this opportunity to give yourself a break and reboot yourself. Remember to always make time for yourself in order to have a clearer vision of what you want in life.



You will be awarded with: Attendance Certification of 2 days 1 night Trinity Yoga Retreat by Teacher Yang

  1. Classes & sessions will be conducted in English and Chinese language (translator available)
  2. Fees are exclusively for per participant
  3. 100% of participation fees are to be paid to secure your slot
  4. 100% refund can be done due to Covid-19 causes with RTK Results as Proof
  5. 50% refund can be done 21 days prior/before the event date commence (by the 7th of January 2023)
  6. No refund can be done 20 days prior/before the event date commence (by the 8th of January 2023)
  7. Room allocation is based on first come first serve basis, rooms are all on sharing basis.
  8. Fees include boat transfer, 5 vegetarian meals, water, Bath towel, island permit, 2 days 1-night stay at Dreamer Island, & insurance.
  9. Fees exclude personal items such as personal items, cares, clothes, etc.
  10. AII meals prepared are Vegetarian.
  11. Organiser reserves the right to amend the schedule due to unforeseen circumstances.
  12. All photos are for illustration purposes.
  1. NO Phones/phone calls allowed during sessions (unless emergency), phones are required to be on silent mode at all times
  2. NO intercouse & swearing are allowed during the course of retreat
  3. Appropriate Yoga outfits are required for classes & Sessions
  4. No loud musics to be played
  5. Respect each other’s privacy & keep quiet at all times
  1. Insect Repellant
  2. Own Yoga Mat
  3. Face towel (if applicable)
  4. Clothes (Yoga & Normal Outfits)
  5. Personal Care items
  6. Personal Medication

Let go of stress and anxiety

Take this opportunity to give yourself a break and reboot yourself

Teacher Yang has been practising yoga for the past 10 years and furthered his experience and knowledge in India by practising yoga and meditation with Shwaasa Guru Sri Vachananand Swamiji.


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